Binance has launched a Bitcoin buying service in Cambodia.

The platform allows customers to buy and sell Bitcoin at prices between Rmb100 and Rmb1,500 per bitcoin.

The Bitcoin-buying service is available only to users in Cambodia and has been dubbed “the first major exchange in Asia to offer a Bitcoin buy and sale platform”.

“Binance offers its customers the option to buy or sell Bitcoin with the Bitcoin price at any time, and Binance can also sell Bitcoins to other Binance users in any currency,” the platform explains.

The price of Bitcoin can fluctuate wildly.

In April, it rose to Rmb10,000, but dropped to Rm1,000 in May, before rising to Rmr1,100 in July and then Rmr5,000 this month.

Binance says it will introduce new features to its platform in the coming months, including a way to buy bitcoins with more secure transactions.

“It is important to keep in mind that the Bitcoin exchange market is volatile, and fluctuations are inevitable,” it adds.

In July, it added a feature to its service that enables users to purchase or sell Bitcoins in currencies other than Bitcoin.

Users can also buy or pay for Bitcoins with other cryptocurrencies, including Dash.

“Binopay, Coinsecure, Poloniex, Kraken and many others have been working to develop secure platforms for buying and selling Bitcoin.

BIC will be a leader in this area, which will help improve Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies trading across the world,” the company states on its website.