The Australian government has announced a $6.7m funding scheme for researchers looking to develop a range of technologies for the development of AI, including artificial intelligence.

Key points:The $6m will fund AI-related research in AustraliaThe scheme, to be rolled out over three years, will see the government subsidise the research of Australian universitiesThe project will involve about 400 researchers and researchers in Australia, Europe, Japan, China, South Korea, Japan and the USOther nations receiving the funding include the US, the UK and FranceThe government will also award grants to companies that have contributed to research on AI and other technologies.

The announcement follows a $9.8m funding grant announced earlier this year for AI-based technologies to be developed in Australia.

“It’s an important step forward for Australia’s research agenda,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott said.

“Our government has long supported Australian companies and innovators to develop innovative solutions to the challenges of AI.”

The Government will continue to invest in Australia’s national innovation agenda through a range that includes the Australian Strategic Infrastructure Facility and the National Infrastructure Facility.

“We have a strong foundation for developing the next generation of innovation, with the development and support of technology-intensive and innovative industries, and the construction of new jobs,” Mr Abbott said in a statement.

The Government announced last year it would award a $7.6m AI grant to Australian universities to help fund AI projects.

In the new announcement, the government announced a new $6bn fund to support research on technologies that would help with the AI revolution.

The funding will be used to support companies that are developing artificial intelligence (AI) applications in Australia to the development stages of a range from a new driverless car to driverless trucks and cars.

“The funding is in addition to existing funding already committed to the National Research Infrastructure Fund, which is an investment-based infrastructure investment for innovative and disruptive technologies,” the announcement read.

The government has previously announced it would allocate $5bn to support the development, commercialisation and commercialisation of AI technologies by 2020.