Google’s executive chairman is calling on the company to increase security on its Android platform.

Eric Schmidt said the company has the right to do so and should.

Schmidt was asked by CNBC on Wednesday if Google is going to go beyond the existing “best practices” for the security of its Android phones.

He said the platform needs to be more secure than other platforms and Google will continue to make updates to the Android operating system.

Schiff said Google would continue to build on top of the best practices, which include using encryption and encryption keys, and using multiple layers of authentication.

“It’s not that we’re the company with the best security practices.

We’re not,” Schmidt said.

“But we’re not going to be the company talking about it.”

Schmidt also said that while he was on the call with reporters, he and Google’s senior vice president for engineering, Scott Guthrie, talked about a new Google security update for Android that could be deployed to any Android device in about a month.

“That’s a good thing to do.

But we’re talking about something that’s going to happen in about three months,” Schmidt added.

Schrifft said that the update will have a major impact on how many devices are affected and if it can be rolled out.

Schulz also said the new security update could be rolled into a larger Android security update that was released last month.