The number of e-cigarettes sold in Australia is on the rise, and the technology is proving popular with smokers.

But a new report has revealed that it is not the tobacco companies who are leading the charge, but the vaping enthusiasts.

“It’s not the vaping that is driving the market,” said Professor Brian Kavanagh, director of the Tobacco Research Institute at Monash University.

Rather, it is the social acceptability of vaping.

Kavanagh says the increasing popularity of e and other vaping devices has been fueled by the same social acceptances that led to the explosion in tobacco use in the past 10 years.

“I think it’s because people are aware that vaping has a lot of health benefits, and they’re not quite sure how to go about using it, so they’re choosing to consume it socially,” he said.

There is an increasing awareness around vaping among young people, especially in rural areas, and people are taking the opportunity to do things with vaping that they might have been hesitant to do previously.

“If you’re young, you’ve got the opportunity in your life to have an opportunity to take up this new hobby, you don’t have to go through the traditional, traditional channels that most people have to use,” he explained.

Professor Kavanah says there are also social acceptations surrounding vaping.

“It is a much safer way of consuming tobacco,” he says.

“There are fewer risks associated with it.

You’re not going to have people getting their hands dirty or getting exposed to the tar and smoke, you’re not even going to inhale a lot.”

Vaping is not like smoking, where people will inhale, but you can use a puff of smoke and not be worried about the effects.

“Dr Kavanag says the introduction of electronic cigarettes has been a boon to smokers.”

People are using them for smoking cessation,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Breakfast program.”

When you go to the shops now, people are smoking e-cigs, but people are also smoking traditional cigarettes, and I think that’s been a huge boon for people to try to quit smoking traditional tobacco.

“But Professor Kavanaghan says there is an important distinction between traditional and e-cig vaping.

Professor B.K. Kavanach said that traditional tobacco is used in many ways, such as in cooking and cleaning, and is often associated with a range of health risks.”

We’ve got to make sure that we’re not trying to get the public to think that vaping is somehow a substitute for traditional tobacco,” Professor Kavanagh said.”

In fact, vaping can help people cut their exposure to conventional tobacco.

“The Australian Medical Association (AMA) said the use of e cigarettes is on a rise, with more than a million Australians now using them.

AMA deputy president Dr Sally McGarry said e-liquid is now widely available and used by many people.”

E-cigarettes are not the smoking cessation solution we were expecting,” she said.

Ms McGarry says many people were using e-liquids as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.”

Most of us would be surprised if our kids were going to try e-juice as a substitute to tobacco,” she added.”

So, the fact that people are experimenting with e-tobacco, that’s a positive development.

“However, it’s important that we recognise that e-fixtures are not substitutes for tobacco, and that ejuice is still the safest, most effective way to help people quit smoking.”

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