A Swedish company has announced the first batches of 3-D printed battery packs for drones, enabling drones to fly longer distances without having to refuel.

The batteries can be used to recharge the drones’ batteries and provide power for the autonomous systems.

The battery packs will be tested on drones that have already been tested with other 3-d printed batteries.

Silversund Technologies announced on Thursday that the first 3D-printed batteries have been developed by a team led by Silversunder CEO Jonas Olsson.

The company is currently in the process of producing the first packs.

Silbersun’s batteries are designed to be lightweight and compact enough to fit in a drone’s backpack, which will reduce weight and the amount of power needed.

They can also be used as rechargeable batteries for batteries in the future.

Silvesund is planning to introduce 3-in-1 batteries in 2016 and said they will also provide a backup battery for future drones.

The first batch will be produced in the next two to three years.