Enablence technology is now being touted as a solution to the growing threat of terror attacks in the US, with a recent report suggesting the technology could be used to prevent the next terror attack.

A new study published in the journal Science found that the technology’s ability to capture images from a moving target is extremely effective in preventing an attack.

The researchers found that they could capture the image and determine the movement from just 20 milliseconds after a target was spotted.

This would enable the attacker to remain hidden from detection for the duration of the attack.

The research also found that, after the attack was over, the researchers could determine the location of the attacker and the exact location of any surrounding objects in a room.

This gave the attackers enough time to get away.

While the researchers’ technology is still a prototype, the team has since been able to create a working prototype, with the aim of moving forward with the project.

The research was carried out with the support of the US Air Force and DARPA.

The study was published on Friday and is available to read online for free.