A little bit of technology is about to become the new standard in the smartphone world, and it will be coming to the Amazon Alexa voice-controlled device. 

The new device, codenamed “POWER PIXEL,” will debut this week at Amazon’s developer conference, Amazon’s Echo Show, in Seattle. 

“The new Power Pixel will allow Alexa to understand your voice, giving you the ability to understand, connect and interact with your devices, all from a single place,” Amazon says in the promotional video for the new device.

“With the ability of connecting and connecting to devices, Alexa will be able to answer questions about the devices, discover new features, and even help you get a better understanding of what you are looking at.”

The device is also the first product to use the Alexa-based Alexa Assistant.

“Using Alexa on the Power Pixeel means you’ll be able interact with devices that have a similar Alexa experience, and you’ll also be able ask Alexa questions directly from your device,” Amazon writes.

“Using Alexa directly on the PIXeel will be much more intuitive and intuitive, and the PXEEL will be more than just a phone-powered device.

It will also be a true connected home device.”

Amazon says the new Power PIXEEL is the first smart device to feature an Alexa-powered Assistant.

Alexa is a voice-recognition device that connects to your smartphone, and can be used to ask questions, answer questions, and take actions.

This means that the Power PXeel is a device that will allow you to ask Alexa directly, and that you’ll then be able use Alexa to ask the assistant questions and get answers directly from the device.

When you say, “Alexa, ask me about the Power Pixel,” the Power Pi will ask you questions about that phone, such as what device it is, what it is connected to, what kind of speaker is used, and what type of display is on that phone.

You can then ask Alexa to answer a question, or ask the device what the display is, or what the volume is, and then you can ask Alexa what it’s like to use it.

Alexa will also respond with suggestions.

The Power Pixels is available for $49.99.

While the device is designed to be a smartphone-like device, it’s also an Alexa powered device.

Alexa is able to talk to your smart devices using Alexa, and so you can also ask Alexa and Alexa-enabled devices to do things for you.

For example, if you want to learn more about a specific feature on a smart device, Alexa can tell you how to learn how to do it.

You can also have Alexa listen to audio files that you are playing, and give you recommendations to take action on them.

If you want more details on the device, Amazon says it will debut the device this week.