Google has announced it will acquire Eyeo, an Australian company that makes an eye-tracking sensor that can detect motion and image movement in the real world.

Eyeo is developing sensors for autonomous vehicles, drones and wearables.

The acquisition of Eyeo marks the latest in a series of moves by Google to become a leading innovator in artificial intelligence.

Google will also be building on the company’s research into vision, computing and deep learning, as well as expanding its existing portfolio of AI tools.

According to a statement from Google, the acquisition of the company will result in more than a billion devices and hundreds of millions of users around the world.

“We believe Eyeo’s vision technology and capabilities are fundamental to the future of smart wearables and we are excited to join forces with the company to help advance these efforts,” said Dave Moser, senior vice president and general manager of Google’s AI, AI-enabled products group.

“We are focused on driving innovation in AI, and we believe Eyeos vision technology is a great fit for Google’s vision and AI efforts.”

Google has been experimenting with artificial intelligence in its wearable and self-driving cars, and in autonomous aircraft.

Its Project Glass, which has already caught on with the public, was designed to make it easier for people to take augmented reality pictures and video.

Read more about the deal in the Australian Financial Review.

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