A cloud services platform, a new data center, and a slew of other exciting things have been revealed at Recode’s new technology conference, Code conference.

In this episode of Code, Recode tech editor Ryan O’Brien sits down with CEO of Cloudflare Jeff Garzik and former CEO of Microsoft Mike Sandoval to discuss Cloudflares role in the industry, how Cloudflaves platform has evolved over the years, and more.

The two also chat about the future of enterprise and how the future could be as cloud services become more and more ubiquitous.

The transcript follows below.

Ryan O’Brien: The company is called Cloudflas and it is a cloud services company.

Jeff Garitz: Yeah, it is.

Ryan O: And Cloudflaes core service is called cloud.

Jeff: Yeah.

Ryan: So the company has two products: CloudFlas, which is the cloud platform, and Cloudflase, which was the cloud business.

And CloudFlare has grown into a billion dollar company.

So it is sort of a little bit of a hybrid.

But I think its more that you have to have both in the cloud.

And then the third thing, of course, is the platform, Cloudflax, which gives you all the cloud capabilities, all the services that you can think of.

And that’s really the core of the platform.

Jeff was talking about how this new Cloudflates platform is going to help the companies run their data centers more efficiently, and that it’s going to be the best way to run these data centers.

I mean, the platform is a big deal.

It has the best customer service, and it’s got a really good reputation.

And Jeff was pretty positive about the company’s ability to move forward in this market.

So that’s good news.

But that’s also something that you hear from a lot of other companies as well, too.

So I’m wondering, how does it compare to other competitors in the space, and how does this stack up against them?

And then how do you see Cloudflays impact on the business, if you will, as a company?

Jeff Garz: Well, you know, I think what I love about the Cloudflames platform is that you’ve got a very powerful customer service team that has been around for a long time.

And so, they know their stuff.

And they’ve been around since before they even announced the platform as a product.

And I think that that’s the one area where it is different from the competition.

But also, you have a big, new team that is focused on building the CloudFlax platform, which they are now using for their own data centers, and then they’re also going to bring that product to other cloud platforms as well.

So you’ve already got two very powerful competitors in this space.

And the way that they are competing is that they’re not just competing on features, but on their ability to make it simple to manage data centers in a scalable way.

And we believe that they can do that.

So they’re building a platform that has all the features that you want in a very easy way, and they’re offering the most customer service out there.

And those are really powerful features that make this platform very attractive.

And for us, the thing that really makes it stand out from the rest of the market, in my mind, is their ability, over time, to grow, grow, and grow.

And in the case of the competition, we have seen the number of customers who have taken advantage of that growth, and we are confident that as the number continues to grow and grow, CloudFlix will be the next company to be able to build on top of it and be a part of that.

And as that happens, they are going to build a much more competitive platform, because they are building it on top.

And also, they’re continuing to innovate in this area, and over time they’re going to have to take the next steps.

So, I mean there’s no question that this is going be a very interesting, challenging, and exciting area to be in, but it’s a great opportunity to build your business on top the platform that you are building, and to build an efficient, cost-effective data center and a scalable data center.

And at the end of the day, you’ve just got to be willing to learn and to grow.

So there is no doubt that Cloudflakis platform will be a powerful and powerful competitor to the likes of Azure and Google.

And, in fact, I’m really looking forward to that.

I think it’s just going to continue to expand and evolve, and as that evolves, the competitors will be able compete more effectively.

And it’s definitely a great position to be, because you know Cloudflatics competitors have been around, so they