The latest technology that is helping to save lives in the dying process is also being used in the care of terminals.

The Irish Times has obtained the latest update from the National Health Service (NHS) on its new, self-assessment platform for terminally-ill patients.

In its most recent update, the NHS said it has received more than 300 applications for a free assessment from more than 70 patients.

The NHS said the new app, called PACE, was “designed to help provide terminallyill patients with the support and information they need to make an informed decision about their treatment options”.

It said the app allows terminals to: “Make a self-declaration about their mental health and wellbeing.”

Find out about the options available to them including mental health support, support from a GP, or an in-home assessment.

“Make an informed choice about their care and support, with the option to opt out of their assessment and go directly to the GP for treatment”.

The NHS also said it is looking at using the app to help with patients’ decision-making, including with terminals who are experiencing a serious or complex disease such as cancer or dementia.

“This is a first step towards the delivery of the NHE’s PACE programme, and the app will allow the NHA to make the first significant contribution to the development of the programme, which will ensure it is available to all people with terminal illness,” it said.

A spokesman for the NSH said the service is committed to providing terminally -ill patients the information they deserve.

“The NSH is proud to have a platform which allows terminally, acutely ill patients with terminal disease to make informed decisions about their future and to access the best possible care,” the spokesman said.

“Our PACE app will be developed by a consortium of NHS trusts and provide patients with access to the information and support they need in the decision-maker process.”

We look forward to using this platform to make sure that all people, regardless of age, can be able to make a better informed decision.

“The NHA said it had already received more 3,000 applications for PACE and that the service was “on the way to being deployed across the NHS”.”

It is a timely and welcome development and we are working hard to get it ready to go in the coming weeks,” a spokesman for The NSH added.

The latest update to the NHTN app for terminals was published on Thursday and was sent out to patients by email, fax and text message.