How to identify malware on your Android phone or tablet?

With this simple guide you can detect malware in minutes.


Search for a word on Google: If you’re not sure how to search for a specific word on google, here’s how: Search for something on google that you want to see the definition of in the top left of the search results.

Click on the Google logo at the top right of the results.

You should see an arrow next to the word you want.

Click it.

Now, the definition will be displayed in the search result, along with the other search terms.

Click again to close the search.

If you can’t see the word that you’re looking for, check your search history.

If there’s more than one word in the dictionary, try searching the phrase in the previous searches.


Type the word in question: This is a simple step to check if you’re dealing with malware: type the word “malware” in the box below and hit enter.

It will then display the search for the word on your phone or laptop.

If your phone is in a clean state, you should get a positive result.

If it’s not in a pristine state, there’s a good chance that you might have entered a malware word incorrectly.


Check if the word was used in a malicious software program: If your computer is in the clean state or you’re using a clean computer with no malware on it, there is no way to check for malware.

The malware word that was used is not present in the results for that word.


If the word is in English: If a word is not in English, it is likely that the malware word was originally written in a foreign language.


If a malicious word was typed in a search for “malicious software”: If you typed the word malware, but it didn’t come up with any results, it’s likely that there’s malware on the device.

If so, try deleting the malicious file on your computer and try again.

The good news is that you can easily remove malware from your Android device by just clearing out all traces of the malware on that device.

How to use this guide: 1.

Use a virus scanner or scan tool: If the malware you’re trying to detect is on a computer, use a virus scan tool.

If its on an Android device, scan your phone by typing malware in the browser or by using a scanner app.

The best scanner for malware on a Android device is Norton Security Scanner, which is free for one year.

Norton Security scans every computer and every phone. 2