It’s time to put your phone in the garage or in a drawer, because that battery is going to last longer than you think.

While battery life is a major consideration when choosing a phone, you can use the data it collects and other apps to improve your smartphone experience.

And in the future, we can expect to see a lot more of these devices coming online.

Here’s how to make sure you get the most out of your smartphone battery life:1.

Turn off the data connection.

If you’re using a new device or a new carrier, turn off the internet connection when you turn it on.

You’ll be able to use the phone on a network without data.2.

Check your notifications.

Turn off all of your notifications and don’t open them when you’re away from your phone.3.

Check out the apps you have installed.

If your phone doesn’t use your battery, try turning on apps like Facebook Messenger and Google Maps.

These apps can save you battery life and help you get out of a sticky situation faster.4.

Turn on the flashlight.

When you’re out and about, turn on the device’s flashlight.

That will help you see the most information and take you where you need to go.5.

Check the battery’s status.

If it’s low, check the battery life.

You can use a calculator to check your battery’s capacity.6.

Turn down the volume.

If the battery has fallen below 50 percent of its original capacity, turn down the audio volume to make it more efficient.