President Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday called for an independent, bipartisan, and independent-minded investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state, according to a draft executive order.

The executive order, which was obtained by The Washington Post, calls for the establishment of a new commission on Clinton’s emails to probe the matter and calls for a public report on the matter within two years.

The commission would be overseen by the Department of Justice and would have broad powers to compel testimony and produce documents from the State Department.

The order was drafted by deputy secretary of State Dan Shapiro and includes several recommendations, including that the panel be chaired by a former attorney general, or a deputy attorney general.

The order also calls for an oversight commission of the Department, with the deputy attorney generals appointed by the president.

The new panel would have subpoena power to compel information from any member of the executive branch, and it would be led by a retired federal judge who would be appointed by Trump, the White House said.

The executive order says it will also establish a separate commission of a special prosecutor, who would have “an independent investigatory power to bring criminal charges and bring penalties against those who committed crimes against the United States.”

Trump is scheduled to attend the inauguration of a man who he will replace as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer.