The most popular news feed on social media has been the newsfeed of a new technology that’s going to help organizations better manage their finances.

The New York-based nonprofit nonprofit Technology for All is using a smartphone app called the Technology for Affordability (TFA) to track all of the money people donate to charities.

It has also begun collecting data about who’s making donations and how often.

The data will help the organization better plan and execute its charity activities.

According to Tech for All, the app will help organizations make better decisions about how much money to spend on their programs.

It will also help organizations monitor their donors and ensure that they’re spending the money wisely.

The organization says the TFA data will be available to other nonprofits, such as those that provide education, and will be used to better understand and manage the donation trends of their users.TFA is a new and free app for Apple and Android phones, and it works by using your phone’s microphone to capture your voice.

The app records your voice, then it records your text messages, phone calls and emails and sends them to a central server for analysis.

The TFA app is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The Tech for Affords article on Tech forAll’s website includes this graphic:The TechforAffordability app is the first app to collect this data.

But other nonprofits are already using technology to track donations.

In fact, the tech for Affability app was recently featured in the New York Times, which notes that other organizations will use the technology in the coming months.

This is just the latest technology to help charities track their donors.

Many nonprofit organizations are using the crowdsourced technology Crowdflowers to track their users, and more than 300,000 people have participated in a crowdsourced experiment that has allowed organizations to track the amount of money they give to charities in a way that’s more precise than traditional tracking tools.