Ottawa, Ontario – October 20, 2017 – Today, the federal government announced a plan to ensure that all cars, buses, ferries and trains are safe for all Canadians.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, the government’s updated framework for safe driving, require all vehicles to meet safety standards set out in the Safe Driving Guidelines of the Canadian Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (CARSA).

The rules set out minimum requirements for vehicles, such as stopping distances, speed limits, driver-assistance systems and warning devices.

Safety standards for cars have been in place since 1985, when CARSA set out to ensure all cars are safe.

Since then, CARSA has issued more than 30 safety standards for vehicles.

This updated framework was recently updated by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure.

The new CARSA rules are based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Strategy released by CARSA on September 20.

These are not final and can be amended or replaced, but they represent the government of Canada’s best effort to reduce vehicle-related fatalities, serious injuries and property damage.

The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure will be working closely with the CARSA to review the rules and make them as safe as possible.

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With files from CarPlay, The Canadian Press.