Posted January 17, 2018 04:59:54Israeli forces will conduct a military drill Wednesday to counter a possible North Korean missile threat and to bolster the U.N. Security Council’s resolve to take measures to counter the North’s nuclear and missile threats, Israeli officials said.

A joint statement from the Israeli Defense Ministry and the Israel Air Force said the exercise will be held at a military base in the northern Israeli city of Ashdod.

It did not specify which units or locations would be involved.

It was the second time in as many weeks that Israeli forces have conducted a military exercise to counter an imminent threat to Israel from North Korea.

Israel first conducted a missile drill in April to counter Iranian missiles that had been detected in Israel.

It also fired a warning shot in response to a missile launch by North Korea, the North Korean foreign ministry said, referring to the country’s ballistic missile test in September.

North Korea said its first missile test on Saturday, in defiance of U. N. sanctions, was a clear threat to its survival and the international community.

It said the missile launch was a warning to the U to be more vigilant and to respond to the latest provocative actions by the U, it said.