TechCrunch has listed the hottest startups to watch in 2019, with an emphasis on logistics technology.

Read moreThe list includes many of the world’s biggest names, including Uber, Airbnb, and Square, as well as some big names from outside the tech industry, including Dropbox, Uber’s parent company.

But it also includes a few new faces: Uber’s Jeff Gordon is listed as a member of the “top 5” in the industry, and Airbnb is a newcomer to the list, despite its recent launch.

Here’s the rundown:Forbes has been tracking tech startup growth for the past few years, and this is the first year the magazine has been publishing its list of the top 10.

It’s one of the most reliable metrics on the industry.

Forbes is tracking the companies’ growth and their revenue.

It doesn’t consider the impact of acquisitions, mergers, or layoffs, which may affect how much growth they experience.

(Forbes says it uses data from the companies that it identifies to calculate its estimates.)

The list is based on company revenue, revenue per employee, revenue growth per year, total revenue, and net income per employee.

The average company on the list is worth $100 billion.