The New York Times is reporting that Apple will make its first new phone since 2012, while Samsung will unveil a new Galaxy S7 smartphone at its New York City event later this month. 

According to the NYT, Apple is “sitting on a big breakthrough” for the upcoming iPhone, which it is rumored to be working on with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

The phone will reportedly feature a glass-and-metal design, a 12-megapixel camera, and a “tremendous amount of processing power.” 

“The iPhone is a revolutionary product that’s going to change how people interact with technology for the next 20 years,” Jobs, who passed away earlier this year, said in an October 2012 interview with The New Yorker.

“It will change the way we interact with the world.” 

Apple has not commented on the new phone, but its rumored next phone could be similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, which was released in November 2017. 

The Samsung Galaxy S8, which is rumored for release in June 2018, will be the first phone in the Galaxy S family to feature a metal frame, as opposed to the glass-like plastic found on most other phones.

Samsung is reportedly looking to launch a new phone in 2019, though it is not clear whether the new device will be a replacement for the Galaxy Note 8, which debuted in October 2018.

Apple is also rumored to introduce a “big breakthrough” in virtual reality, as well as a new iPhone.

The company is reportedly working on a new headset called “Virtual Reality”, which will “bring the immersive experience from virtual reality to a phone.” 

While Oculus and HTC have been rumored to announce their own headsets, it is unclear if Apple will release one of its own.

The Verge previously reported that Apple would unveil its own VR headset sometime in 2019.