Microsoft has launched a research and development initiative to help develop voicebox solutions for voice recognition.

The voicebox project, announced Monday by Microsoft in a blog post, will work to “develop a voicebox that is as easy to use and powerful as voice recognition technology itself, with features that are accessible to a wide range of users.”

The aim is to “provide a robust voice recognition solution for consumers and businesses,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft said it is targeting the “near future,” adding that the goal is “to enable voice recognition to be more relevant to users and businesses in all industries, and to enable voice-enabled applications to be used by millions of people across the world.”

Voicebox, Microsoft’s new voice recognition platform, will be open-sourced in the next few months.

Microsoft previously developed voice recognition products for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and it also created voice recognition for Windows.

In 2017, Microsoft unveiled Cortana, its voice assistant that helps users learn, remember and respond to tasks, such as reading, watching and listening to videos.

Microsoft has also created Voice Actions for the Xbox One and Windows 10.