Engadgets: Apple Watch will be the most influential wearable tech for 2018, according to a new report from research firm Technavio.

TechCrunch: Apple Watches, which include its latest iteration, the Watch Sport, have the potential to become the most popular wearable tech by 2020.

The report states that Apple Watch’s potential for mass adoption will be significant by 2020, as it will be used by millions of people in the U.S., and by millions more around the world.

Technaviontech: Apple has the potential of becoming the most valuable wearable tech in the world by 2020 thanks to its popularity, but the biggest challenge for the company in the coming years is the lack of widespread adoption.

Tech Crunch: If Apple Wathes are able to catch up with the likes of Android Wear, Samsung Gear, and others in the smartwatch market, Apple will be poised to overtake Google as the most-popular wearable tech company in 2018.

Technasite: The next big question for Apple is whether it can bring its wearable technology to the masses.

Technanews: The first step for Apple to take to reach its potential in the wearable market is to build a smartwatch that can be worn on a wrist.