The S.P.D.O.-like city of a thousand hills has been reduced to rubble in an epic battle for survival against a mysterious and deadly virus.

The S.D.(S.D.)

O.K.(Special Operational) virus has been unleashed on the town of Sotsugo, which is located in the northeastern Japanese province of Hokkaido.

On Monday, the World Health Organization said S.

Konohashi, a Japanese city of around 60,000 people, had been reduced by the virus to rubble.

It also said the city had lost one-fifth of its inhabitants and had experienced a “decrease in the level of life”.

“The destruction is not confined to Sotsugi but encompasses surrounding areas and the entire region, with more than 3,000 buildings destroyed, including 1,200 residential units,” the agency said.

According to the Japanese Red Cross, more than 40,000 residents were killed or wounded by the outbreak.

In the worst-hit areas, residents have fled the stricken city or have fled elsewhere in Hokkeshia.

“We are going to die if we are not saved now,” said a man who identified himself as a father who lost two sons and a daughter in the outbreak, referring to the town’s most populous districts.

This is the second time in less than a year that the outbreak has spread from the countryside to the cities, said Yūji Akamatsu, an assistant professor at Kyoto University who specializes in epidemiology.

He said the virus could have spread from Sotsugen, a mountainous town, to Satsugo by moving into rural areas or even the countryside itself.

S.O.(Special Operation) is an acronym for the S.S.E.(Special Special Scientific Research and Development Organisation), the organisation responsible for S.

Os.(Special Operations) units that are deployed to combat diseases, as well as other emergencies.

Kurokawa, the head of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Japan’s largest wildlife conservation organisation, said in a statement that it had seen a “huge” increase in the number of Soto hamlets that have been destroyed in the Sotsugu and Kumamoto regions.

Scientists at the WWF are also investigating the possible link between the virus and the Soto outbreak.