FourFourTwenty is an app that lets you read more than 500 articles from four different news outlets simultaneously.

The news aggregators on its platform are CNN, The Washington Post, Fox News and The Guardian, all in the US.

FourFourTwenty aims to be the most read news aggregation app on the market.

In a recent article, the company’s founder, David Cohen, said that users can read articles in their favorite news sites and have them read aloud.

The app, which launched earlier this year, currently has more than 2 million users.

In the past, Cohen has been critical of some news aggregating services.

One of the most recent controversies was the dismissal of news aggregations provider Crunchbase for not following their own guidelines regarding the use of data.

In a post on Medium, Cohen called the removal of Crunchbase a “major setback” to the future of news aggregation.

It’s unclear what happened to the app and how many users were impacted by it.

The app has also faced criticism for its business model, with Cohen saying that the company “tends to operate like a company with a board of directors, which is not how we operate.”

According to Cohen, he is looking to build a new company called Digital News Media, which will focus on developing a more diverse lineup of news sources.

The startup is still in the early stages and will be “moving at a fast pace,” according to its website.