Posted October 08, 2018 08:08:10The new iPhone 5 smartphone has a much larger 5.5-inch display, but that display has been scaled down.

It also has a higher resolution of 4,840 x 2,160 pixels, compared to the 5.2-inch screen that came before it.

In comparison, the iPhone 4S had a 5.1-inch full-HD display and a 3,400 x 1,600 pixel resolution, while the iPhone 6 had a 4.7-inch 5.7 inch display and an 1,280 x 1.856 pixel resolution.

That’s not a bad comparison, but the iPhone’s display was slightly bigger, which is why the iPhone was able to hold more memory.

AppleInsider also found the iPhone with a 5-inch Full HD display, which also means that there is less contrast in the pixels and the colors.

This is an improvement compared to previous iPhones.

The iPhone 5 was able a better color reproduction, especially compared to a 4-inch LCD display.

The iPhone 5 also has some more visible color detail compared to its predecessor.

This includes a new gold-tone color option in the Settings menu, and AppleInsider found that it was also a better match for the iPhone.

This iPhone 5 is also the first iPhone 5 to include Apple’s AirPods.

The AirPod headphones come in a variety of colors and styles, and they are the first wireless headphones to use Apple’s new wireless technology.

The Apple AirPogs feature two earphones, and there is a new wireless charging connector for each.

Apple says that the iPhone will offer up to five hours of battery life in a charge, which should be enough for most people.

There is a 4K video recording feature, along with Siri integration.

Apple’s new 5-megapixel camera with Apple Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) sensor is also on the iPhone, which helps with low-light photography.

The new camera is very good for video, with low noise, high ISO performance and high sharpness.

This means that the video you can shoot on your iPhone can be captured in low light conditions, which means that you can capture better quality video.

The camera can also be used for more advanced photos.

Apple has also made changes to the camera settings menu.

The Camera app now has a new tab called Camera Settings, which has a few new options for shooting video and pictures.

It now has support for low-pass filters, as well as exposure compensation and a better Auto Focus mode.

The new Settings app also lets you add custom color filters, to improve your photos.

You can now edit photos with the new Apple Photos app, which includes the ability to import photos from other apps like iPhoto and iMovie.

Apple added a new Photo Sphere tool to the Camera app, so you can create your own photo sphere that will be applied to your photos in the Camera.

This tool lets you create a sphere in three dimensions, allowing you to easily resize the sphere to any size and shape.

You also can now choose to save your photo in RAW format.

RAW files can be saved to the cloud for later use.

The Photos app also has an option to automatically download photos to the iPhone when you need them.

Apple also updated its app, with more new features, and added a few things that you’ll notice when you use the new iPhone.

The Home screen now has an integrated widget that will allow you to view upcoming alerts, such as new product arrivals and promotions.

Apple is also introducing the new Music app.

The Music app has been upgraded to support the Apple Watch, and will include support for the Apple Music app on iPhone.

This will allow users to access music stored on their iPhone in the Music app, including songs stored on iCloud Music Library.

The iOS 8 Music app will also be available on the Watch, as long as you have an Apple Watch.

Apple is also adding a new Siri-based voice assistant, Siri-enabled, to the iOS 8 and iOS 9 App Stores.

Siri is now available for iPhone users on the Apple TV, iPad, Apple TV 2 and the Apple Watches.

In addition to the new Camera app and the Music application, the iOS 9 and iOS 8 App Stores have a number of new additions to help users find and download new music.

Apple has updated the Siri interface for the iOS App Store, with Siri-powered reminders on the Home screen.

It is also offering new and improved Siri integration on the iOS 11 Home screen, with the ability for users to control Siri from the Home menu.

Apple also announced that the new Siri Assistant will be available for Apple TV users starting with the release of the next generation of the AppleTV.

Apple said the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be shipping in November, which marks the first time that