What’s the best way to keep track of your activities?

The answer is to keep your Android phone on your person, where you can keep an eye on what’s happening with your Google Now account.

Here’s how to do that using Google Now Fusion.1.

Download Google Now 2.

Create a Google account3.

Enter your Google password4.

Click the “Sign in” button5.

Next to your Google account, click the “Manage Accounts” tab6.

Enter the Google account you just created in the “Other Users” field7.

Click “Create a new Google account”8.

You’ll be asked for your Google phone number and a phone number for your account.

You can then create an account and use your Google credentials to log into your Google Account.

This is great for things like keeping track of appointments, keeping track in case you lose your phone, and keeping track on your Google accounts calendar.9.

You should see the Google Now interface.10.

Now you can tap on “Fusion” and start to do things.11.

As with the previous steps, there are a few steps involved here.1) Sign in to your account2) Enter your phone number3) Create a new account4) Enter the password you created in step 3 to sign in to the account5) Now tap on the “Add to Favorites” button6) Tap on “Add” to add an item to your favorites list7) When the item is added to your list, tap on it and add it to the “Favorites” section of your list.

This will allow you to keep it there.8) Next, tap the “Show” button in the bottom right corner of the screen9) Next to “Add a Favorite,” tap on a item in your favorites and select “Add New.”10.

You’re now ready to start using the Google services that you’ll get from your Google mobile device.11:30am: A Google spokesperson tells us that the new feature is currently not available for all users on the Android platform.12:30pm: We’re still waiting for a response from Google to clarify this issue.13:00pm: The spokesperson has confirmed that the feature will not be available for users on Android devices running Marshmallow, which is Android 5.0 Lollipop.14:00am: Google’s spokesperson told us that they will “work on a solution” in the coming days.