New Zealand’s Smart Home Network has been rolled out to more than 100,000 homes, including one in Wellington.

New Zealand’s smart home network, Smart Home NZ, has been rolling out to thousands of homes in Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton.

With the launch of Smart HomeNZ in the New Zealand city last year, the system has allowed residents to stream audio and video from their TVs, smartphones and tablets to the Smart Home network, allowing them to connect their smart home devices and speakers to a home network.

The New Zealand Smart Home Networks (NZSM) service has already been rolled-out in some of New Zealands largest cities, including Wellington, with more than 200,000 people in the system now in use.

Smart Home NZ says it is now available to more people in other parts of New England, with the network now being used by more than 2,000 households in New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

In a statement, Smart House NZ says the service is a step forward for the Kiwi home, with New Zealand being the first country to introduce it into homes in the form of the SmartHome NZ system.

“Our aim is to help people to live and work in a connected, connected home, and we’re thrilled to have been a pioneer in the area of smart home technology in New Zealand,” Smart HouseNZ CEO Simon Thompson said.

He said the New York and Massachusetts networks had both been built with the Smart HomesNZ platform, but had not yet been rolled.

Mr Thompson said the system would allow people to use their own TVs and other devices in their home and connected to a smart home, such as a TV, to listen to music and movies.

Ms Brown said the NZSM network was also available to businesses and homes.

“We’ve been testing this new technology in a variety of locations across the country, and it’s very exciting for us to be able to roll it out to our customers,” she said.

“The NZSM platform is already being used to make a significant difference to the way our customers interact with their smart homes, and with their devices.”

It gives people an extra level of control over their home.

“The NZ SM network, launched in 2016, allows people to stream video, audio and music from their televisions, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices to a network.

It allows users to add the smart home device to a Smart Home, so they can use the smart device to control their home’s lights and thermostat, for example.

If the device is connected to the NZ SM service, a “Smart Home” button is displayed on the screen of the smart TV, as well as a number of options for controlling the smart devices.

Users can access a list of the devices connected to their Smart Home from the home screen, or tap the Smart button to view the devices.

The NZ Sm Network also allows users who have Smart Home accounts to log in and manage their Smart Homes.

Users who want to set up a Smart home can log in to the system and choose their desired smart home.

Users can also set up an online account to manage their home with a subscription plan.

Once connected to Smart Home New Zealand, users can stream music, videos, photos, and more.

Users may also be able add other connected smart devices, such a projector, thermostats, lights, thermos and more to the smart house, so there is a more streamlined way for people to control and control their smart devices in a more seamless way.

Ms Brown says users could stream music and video via their Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV or Google Chromecast, all from the same Smart Home.

She said people would also be eligible for free “smart home” apps, such the Home Assistant and Smart Home Control, to help them with their home.

She also said the Smart home was available to Kiwis who live in the US, and those who live overseas.

She said the service was being rolled out across New Zealand in 2018.”

New Zealand is an emerging market, and this new feature is a key step to giving people more control over the connected devices they use in their homes,” Ms Brown said.