A lot of people in the African diaspora are living with chronic illnesses, and a lot of them are living in poverty.

But Google is offering a new service that could change their lives, and that could help bring some peace to the continent.

The Verge spoke to a lot about the project and its impact, which could be the future of Africa.

Read more: Google makes it easy to keep your diabetes at a low levelThe idea behind the program is called ‘Namaste’, and it’s essentially a free service that helps people keep their blood sugar under control.

This is a service that will give people the ability to do things like watch their blood pressure, and it’ll also give them a place to do the math on how much glucose they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The idea is that people who have chronic diseases can be helped with the basics of managing their condition, while others can take on the extra burden of managing the lifestyle.

“It’s very hard to keep a healthy blood sugar level, and you can’t manage your blood sugar as well as you could if you were not doing these lifestyle changes,” said Nana Shabangu, a senior engineer who heads up Google’s global diabetes research program.

The service works by letting people upload their health information to Google.

It will then track that information and show people how much they’re actually eating, how much sugar they’re consuming, and how much water they’re drinking.

The data will be kept private, so that people with diabetes can’t access it without permission.

It’s a huge opportunity for Africa, because the continent’s population is currently estimated to be in the hundreds of millions.

And there are still a lot more people with chronic diseases in the world than people who aren’t.

Google has long been working on a solution that will help Africa meet the challenges of the future.

In 2016, Google announced a new initiative called Google Cardboard, which aims to help people with disabilities around the world use their devices more safely.

But Cardboard was limited to the Google Play Store, and the service was never able to be rolled out to other platforms.

Now Google has released a beta version of the Namaste platform that lets people upload the same information and get personalized recommendations based on their health data.

“The Namaste project is a first step towards a wider and more universal solution for people with blood sugar disorders,” said Tania Gomes, a partner at the firm that helps run the program, Namaste Ventures.

“This is something that could be a game-changer in the way people manage their blood glucose.”

Google is giving Namaste people access to a free app called Namaste Health.

Users upload their diabetes data, and when the app sees how many calories they’re burning, it will then tell them how much it’s likely to cost them to keep that number low.

If they keep their diet and exercise to a minimum, the app will even suggest a free meal plan that could save them money on food.

Google has also created a program called Namastise, which will give Namaste users access to an app called Nasaste Nutrition, which provides nutrition tips, nutrition information, and health assessments for people who are trying to manage their diabetes.

The app will also let people upload data from their Fitbit and Jawbone smartwatches.

Namaste will also be able to upload information about blood pressure and glucose readings, which the app can then use to help with things like tracking the steps people are taking, or keeping their blood sugars down.

Google is working on the service through its partnership with a startup called Todasoft, which is part of the group that runs the Google X lab.

Todosoft has a similar app called Todoist, which uses a similar data structure, but is intended for people to manage all sorts of things like scheduling meetings or managing their finances.

Google will also allow Namaste to use Namaste Cardboard as a way to test its app for quality control.

The service will upload to Namaste the quality scores for the Cardboard app and provide an overview of the quality of each test.

Todoists will also get the results of the tests from Namaste, and if a test is positive, they’ll get a message that their blood will be monitored.

“I think the best compliment I can give is not to say how much your programs have taught me (a ton), but how much Marketplace has motivated me to go out and teach myself.”— Michael in Arlington, VAAs part of its partnership, Namastis will get access to the same testing tool Google provides to other apps.

But Namaste’s app will be able see the results more clearly, and will also have more insight into how the app is performing.

The idea is to provide a more accurate picture of the state of your health than relying on the test itself.

Namastises health data will also