Dell Technologies: Dell Technologies’ Sky View 10.1 “Tuned for the Web” is “one of the best” apps in the store

Dell Technologies announced today that Sky View is “a one of the better apps for web browsing” on the Dell Cloud Platform, a new suite of desktop apps that are being integrated into the Dell Skyline lineup.Sky View has a sleek design that looks great on desktop PCs and laptops, and offers many new features […]

Recode: Cloud services and a new cloud for businesses

A cloud services platform, a new data center, and a slew of other exciting things have been revealed at Recode’s new technology conference, Code conference.In this episode of Code, Recode tech editor Ryan O’Brien sits down with CEO of Cloudflare Jeff Garzik and former CEO of Microsoft Mike Sandoval to discuss Cloudflares role in the […]

Google, Facebook to merge ‘Avago’ for cloud computing

Google and Facebook will merge Avago, a cloud computing platform with a strong foothold in India, to create a new business, the companies announced Thursday.Google, the world’s biggest Internet search engine, will take on a leading role in the new company, with Avago serving as its chief executive.Facebook, the Facebook-owned social networking site, will help […]

How Netflix and Hulu are transforming the movie industry

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are all now available in nearly every country in the world, but they’re not everywhere at once.While Netflix and Amazon were the first major players to launch their service, they’re now vying to be the first to go mainstream.“They’re competing to dominate the market, and we think they’re doing that,” Netflix […]

Google is set to buy Eyeo for $3bn

Google has announced it will acquire Eyeo, an Australian company that makes an eye-tracking sensor that can detect motion and image movement in the real world.Eyeo is developing sensors for autonomous vehicles, drones and wearables.The acquisition of Eyeo marks the latest in a series of moves by Google to become a leading innovator in artificial […]

Which is more important to you?

A Reddit user has created a nifty tool that lets you know how much you will be paid for an AMA (ask me anything) from the perspective of a company.A company like Reddit has historically struggled with the problem of incentivizing its employees to be a part of the discussion.But the AMA process has evolved […]

How to get your car back after it gets hacked

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Why Uber is testing a new autonomous car technology

Uber has been testing an autonomous car prototype in China, but it’s not a self-driving car.In fact, the prototype car is designed to be used by a group of taxi drivers and drivers for hire.It’s part of a larger effort to make taxis safer and more efficient.The company is testing the new autonomous vehicle in […]