Cloud computing giant Accesso unveils ‘cloud’ cloud service, but does not specify price

Accesso has announced it is launching a cloud-based “cloud” service in October, but it did not provide any details.The company announced the Cloud Service, which will be available in October for $0.99.Accesso’s Cloud Service will provide access to the company’s proprietary APIs, which are used to create and manage the company�s cloud applications.Accessorio claims the […]

When the sun shines on Bangladesh, you can still buy things with cash

Google News article Google has updated its India and Pakistan products pages with a message about the benefits of digital currency.Google India, which currently operates in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, said in a statement: “Today we updated the product descriptions for both the products.Digital currencies have been widely used in the digital economy for payments, […]

Khmer technology: What you need to know about superconductors

By Michael R. JohnsonPublished Aug 07, 2018 09:12:11The world is not far from a breakthrough in superconductivity, but it is still not there yet.That’s because the world is still struggling to figure out what the heck superconducting materials are.The most common superconductor material is graphite, which is also used in the world’s largest superconductive wire, […]

How to keep your Google+ and Facebook news feeds from becoming the new spammy apps

News feed spam is the latest thing to be caught up in a flurry of app reviews on Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon App Store.News apps, which are apps that can send spam or take up valuable space in your home screen, are an obvious source of the problem.The Google+ app, for instance, […]

McDonald’s: ‘A lot of people are asking’ why it’s not doing more to boost its employee wellness program

The fast-food restaurant chain is the latest big-name company to say it needs to better equip employees to fight obesity.According to a report from Bloomberg, McDonald’s says it has a “very high” need for its wellness program and that it’s trying to do more to expand it.McDonald’s, which has about 6,000 workers in the United […]

Why Google is using the search engine’s latest version of the Search Engine Optimizer to drive search results

Google is rolling out the latest version to its search engine, Google News, as a part of a move to reduce spam and to boost search rankings.Google News is one of the most popular search results for the search giant, with search queries around 1.5 trillion in 2017.Search results in Google News have shown a […]

How to fix the problem of infertility with the Luokung IVF system

Posted November 10, 2018 09:56:50 When I heard that Luokun Technology, one of the biggest IVF companies in the world, was planning to launch an IVF product called the Luosight, I was all excited.The product promises to be the world’s first IVF device to use the new Luokund IVF technology.Luokusight is the first of its […]

What you need to know about the future of plx media technology

In the past, the way that news organizations would handle their data was by encoding it in HTML documents, which they could load and view on their website.They would then send those HTML documents to a server that would process them, but those HTML files would be stored in separate files on their server.That was […]

How to prevent a security breach with an easy to use Android app

Android Security Explained By Android Security by Google News Android security is a subject that has been around for some time, but not for many years.The topic is so complicated that Google, and other companies that are developing their own versions of Android, have a hard time answering it.So, what are you going to do […]

‘Unbelievable’: The incredible science of the moon’s moon rock

Science is the only field that can teach us how the Earth got its rocky crust, and how the planet got its icy surface.But when it comes to understanding our own origins, the evidence for Earth’s origins is so strong that it’s easy to forget that we’re the first terrestrial species to walk the planet.And […]