Which language is your favorite? Java technology news

Technological advances in the Java language have brought us new possibilities in terms of our daily lives, but it can also lead to a number of problems.So, what language is the most useful?Java is a modern programming language that was created by Microsoft for the Windows operating system.Java was created as a replacement for the […]

Which tech products are going to be the next big things in 2019?

The New York Times is reporting that Apple will make its first new phone since 2012, while Samsung will unveil a new Galaxy S7 smartphone at its New York City event later this month. According to the NYT, Apple is “sitting on a big breakthrough” for the upcoming iPhone, which it is rumored to be working on […]

Google’s Flipboard: I don’t need a VPN to watch my favorite content

The first Flipboard app on Android is now available for free on Google Play.With the app, users can stream any video from YouTube and YouTube TV, as well as Hulu Plus.Users can also choose from a wide variety of different genres, from documentaries and series to children’s shows.The app’s launch is coming just days after […]