Why Iran’s new ‘smart’ mobile phone is a big win for education technology

Iran is introducing a smart phone that can track every student’s activity and alert teachers when students fail to follow instructions.The new system will be tested on the National Center for Education Statistics and Education Research (NCESER) at Tehran University, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology.The government has spent […]

How to fix the tech bubble? | Recode

Recode reporter and tech journalist Kara Swisher looks at the tech boom that is happening right now.We’re talking a lot of money, lots of jobs, lots and lots of bubbles and bubbles that can only last for a short time, she says.Recode: Is this a bubble that will burst?Swisher: I don’t think it’s a bubble.It’s […]

When you know what’s going on, it can help you stay calm and focused

The Times Of India has become an indispensable tool for those in the IT industry, and it’s helped them stay calm.In an interview to be published in the upcoming edition of its flagship magazine, The Times, Managing Editor R.S. Raju said that the magazine has helped him to keep a calm and collected mind while […]