When we can look back on the past, we can do it with a fresh perspective

Polygon, the video game news site, has put out an infographic on how it was created.We first posted the infographic on June 11th, and now, we’re excited to share it with you.It’s a great way to look back at the past.The infographic comes from a group of designers and developers, including Tyler Schulze and Josh […]

How to find and manage your personal data from the cloud

By Steve Spaulding and Andrew DeMeo, Bloomberg NewswireThe best practices you need to know to protect your personal information in the cloud.Read moreThe best of the best articles on the Bloomberg BNA Business section are curated by our editorial team, with an eye toward providing you with the most interesting and useful articles on a […]

Why I’m Not Buying a Microsoft Surface 3 Now that I’m on the fence about Windows 10, I’m considering a Windows 10 Surface 3 instead

By Dan Gartland The American Conservatives The American conservative magazine, published by publisher Simon & Schuster, published a cover story titled “Why I’m not buying a Microsoft Lumia 1020 now that I am on the border.”The article features a series of articles highlighting how Microsoft’s Surface devices have not been successful in the past, citing […]