How to make superconductors for cars

Superconductors are the most important materials in the world.The discovery of superconductivity led to the development of several advanced technologies, and it has been used in every major electronics industry, from wireless communication and display to solar cells.But there are some superconducting materials that are not as well known, and that can only be found […]

S.O.S.: New technology is killing the city of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

The S.P.D.O.-like city of a thousand hills has been reduced to rubble in an epic battle for survival against a mysterious and deadly virus.The S.D.(S.D.)O.K.(Special Operational) virus has been unleashed on the town of Sotsugo, which is located in the northeastern Japanese province of Hokkaido.On Monday, the World Health Organization said S.Konohashi, a Japanese city […]