How to use the new Google Glass glasses to get the job done

If you’ve never heard of the Google Glass, or even if you’ve heard of it, you probably have no idea what it is.But the company has been making the device a lot more affordable and appealing to the tech-savvy in recent months.The $1,200 Google Glass will go on sale this week, and the glasses will […]

Why Uber is testing a new autonomous car technology

Uber has been testing an autonomous car prototype in China, but it’s not a self-driving car.In fact, the prototype car is designed to be used by a group of taxi drivers and drivers for hire.It’s part of a larger effort to make taxis safer and more efficient.The company is testing the new autonomous vehicle in […]

The UK will pay Barclays Technology News $5.8bn for its US assets

Barclays Technology news article Barclays, the world’s largest technology company, announced a deal to acquire the majority of its US business in a deal worth up to $5bn, including its flagship technology and consumer products businesses.Barclays will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of US bank Wells Fargo.The deal will see Barclays buy a minority stake in […]