AT&T announces $10M buyout of Time Warner subsidiary

AT&t (NYSE:T) on Monday announced the acquisition of Time, Inc., which is now known as Time Warner.The transaction, which was completed on Sept. 6, will allow AT&ts to further expand its Time business and the company’s content delivery capabilities.The company has already signed a number of acquisitions to expand its distribution footprint.AT&Ts largest acquisition was […]

When battery tech meets smartphone technology

When a battery cell becomes a smartphone, there’s a lot of pressure to deliver it as fast as possible.And that means that battery technology has to be as efficient as possible, while still offering a long battery life.A good battery technology should last for a long time, which is what makes battery technology such a […]

The Carpet: A Journey Into the Art of Carpet Design from the Art & Design Lab at McGill University

Carpet designer and artist Adam Leveille explores the history and history of carpet design, the practice and the art of designing for the carpet, and the creative process that goes into creating an aesthetic experience.It also introduces readers to the most recent developments in carpet design.This book will be a great resource for designers, artists, […]