Maxar announces ‘next generation’ autonomous truck with fully self-driving technology

The world’s largest truck maker, Maxar, has announced its next-generation autonomous truck, the Maxar EZ.Maxar said that the EZ is “the world’s most advanced self-driven vehicle” and will be used in the United States to replace conventional diesel trucks.It will have fully self driving capability and be available for commercial use by the end of […]

How to stay safe while attending college

The college students in this story are enrolled in online courses, including a degree-granting program.The school is accredited by the Association of American Universities.It’s not clear how many students are enrolled there.The college-based online course at Washington University in St. Louis is taught by a professor who is a registered nurse.He has been an adviser […]

How to take care of your data at home and work

It’s a good idea to keep your data safe and secure online.A new service called Palatin aims to help you do just that.Palatin was founded by former PayPal cofounder and cofounder Aaron Levie and former Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg.Palatin is a data-protection company that helps businesses and individuals protect their personal information from hackers.Palino’s mission […]

How to get your car back after it gets hacked

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