When Facebook finally takes over the Internet…

Facebook’s first Internet.com acquisition of $10 billion in equity has raised some eyebrows, and is a major step toward the social media company’s ambitions for its own online-to-offline (OTT) service.But the deal also shows how quickly technology companies are moving into the digital world, and what kind of business opportunities they can create for companies […]

Why I’m Not Buying a Microsoft Surface 3 Now that I’m on the fence about Windows 10, I’m considering a Windows 10 Surface 3 instead

By Dan Gartland The American Conservatives The American conservative magazine, published by publisher Simon & Schuster, published a cover story titled “Why I’m not buying a Microsoft Lumia 1020 now that I am on the border.”The article features a series of articles highlighting how Microsoft’s Surface devices have not been successful in the past, citing […]