Which is the best way to get the most out of your Wi-Fi hotspot?

Technology transfer is an emerging trend that uses the same principle of transferring data between devices without the need for a physical connection.The idea is that devices can share data without being connected to the Internet.In theory, this should improve the speed of data transfer and reduce data loss.However, the best method for this type […]

What’s new in scientific computing

By Peter Macdiarmid/Science New Scientist article New Scientist is publishing articles on the most recent advances in scientific research and computing technologies.This week we’re publishing on new technology news in particular.First up is new hardware development, and the news we’re most excited about is from an organisation called Enablence Technologies.Enablance is a company working on […]

Why we shouldn’t panic over Chinese smart bombs

Enablence technology is now being touted as a solution to the growing threat of terror attacks in the US, with a recent report suggesting the technology could be used to prevent the next terror attack.A new study published in the journal Science found that the technology’s ability to capture images from a moving target is […]