A new app could help save lives of terminally ill patients

The latest technology that is helping to save lives in the dying process is also being used in the care of terminals.The Irish Times has obtained the latest update from the National Health Service (NHS) on its new, self-assessment platform for terminally-ill patients.In its most recent update, the NHS said it has received more than […]

How Netflix and Hulu are transforming the movie industry

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are all now available in nearly every country in the world, but they’re not everywhere at once.While Netflix and Amazon were the first major players to launch their service, they’re now vying to be the first to go mainstream.“They’re competing to dominate the market, and we think they’re doing that,” Netflix […]

How exo-sensors could help humans avoid dementia and dementia-related illnesses

Technology that is already being tested in the field of exo vision, exo sound and exo spectroscopy, could soon become a part of a wider array of medical and healthcare devices, according to research presented at the European Research Council conference on exo technologies.The exo imaging devices used to study people’s brain functions, including cognitive […]

Researchers discover a way to stop HIV infection from going undetected by a new antiviral drug

Exide technologies – Technology news and features for New Scientist editors.Read moreExide Technologies has developed a new treatment for HIV that works like an antivirus.The new drug can prevent HIV infections from going unnoticed by the body’s immune system and preventing the virus from getting re-infected, allowing people to remain free of the virus for […]