How to keep your Google+ and Facebook news feeds from becoming the new spammy apps

News feed spam is the latest thing to be caught up in a flurry of app reviews on Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon App Store.News apps, which are apps that can send spam or take up valuable space in your home screen, are an obvious source of the problem.The Google+ app, for instance, […]

When does a legal firm’s reputation go public?

The word “legal” has been in use since the 18th century.But in recent years it has become increasingly associated with technology.This month the BBC launched a legal technology channel, Palantir Technologies, which aims to provide news and analysis for the digital age.The company has become a powerful ally for the government’s new Digital Economy Strategy.But […]

Google Glass 2.0: The future of gaming?

New light technologies are already shipping with the new Google Glass, but what about what you might not see in the video below?We’re talking about the upcoming liquidmetal technology.According to a report from Bloomberg, Google is working on a new light source for Glass 2, but there’s no word on when this will be released.The […]

The Carpet: A Journey Into the Art of Carpet Design from the Art & Design Lab at McGill University

Carpet designer and artist Adam Leveille explores the history and history of carpet design, the practice and the art of designing for the carpet, and the creative process that goes into creating an aesthetic experience.It also introduces readers to the most recent developments in carpet design.This book will be a great resource for designers, artists, […]