Cloud computing giant Accesso unveils ‘cloud’ cloud service, but does not specify price

Accesso has announced it is launching a cloud-based “cloud” service in October, but it did not provide any details.The company announced the Cloud Service, which will be available in October for $0.99.Accesso’s Cloud Service will provide access to the company’s proprietary APIs, which are used to create and manage the company�s cloud applications.Accessorio claims the […]

Why Iran’s new ‘smart’ mobile phone is a big win for education technology

Iran is introducing a smart phone that can track every student’s activity and alert teachers when students fail to follow instructions.The new system will be tested on the National Center for Education Statistics and Education Research (NCESER) at Tehran University, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology.The government has spent […]

Apple to release iPhone Xs Max as early as December 2018

The iPhone X, the flagship iPhone in Apple’s new lineup of smartphones, will arrive on December 16, 2018, according to an article from AppleInsider.The announcement comes a day after Apple revealed that it will begin selling the iPhone X in select countries, including Canada and the United States.iPhone X will feature a 3.5-inch Full HD […]