What’s new in scientific computing

By Peter Macdiarmid/Science New Scientist article New Scientist is publishing articles on the most recent advances in scientific research and computing technologies.This week we’re publishing on new technology news in particular.First up is new hardware development, and the news we’re most excited about is from an organisation called Enablence Technologies.Enablance is a company working on […]

McDonald’s: ‘A lot of people are asking’ why it’s not doing more to boost its employee wellness program

The fast-food restaurant chain is the latest big-name company to say it needs to better equip employees to fight obesity.According to a report from Bloomberg, McDonald’s says it has a “very high” need for its wellness program and that it’s trying to do more to expand it.McDonald’s, which has about 6,000 workers in the United […]

Why do we need exelon technology to survive?

Today’s Technology news sourceFinancial Post, https://www.financialpost.com/articles/exelon-technology-to-survive-future-business-challenges-and-how-exelons-technology/ Exelon Technology to Survive Future Business Challenges and How Exelons Technology can Protect Us from Them: Exelon has been in the news lately as they have had a recent loss of around $300 million in revenue.Their main competitors have been the two smaller firms that are the only two […]