Khmer technology: What you need to know about superconductors

By Michael R. JohnsonPublished Aug 07, 2018 09:12:11The world is not far from a breakthrough in superconductivity, but it is still not there yet.That’s because the world is still struggling to figure out what the heck superconducting materials are.The most common superconductor material is graphite, which is also used in the world’s largest superconductive wire, […]

Why we shouldn’t panic over Chinese smart bombs

Enablence technology is now being touted as a solution to the growing threat of terror attacks in the US, with a recent report suggesting the technology could be used to prevent the next terror attack.A new study published in the journal Science found that the technology’s ability to capture images from a moving target is […]

How to buy bitcoin on Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance

Binance has launched a Bitcoin buying service in Cambodia.The platform allows customers to buy and sell Bitcoin at prices between Rmb100 and Rmb1,500 per bitcoin.The Bitcoin-buying service is available only to users in Cambodia and has been dubbed “the first major exchange in Asia to offer a Bitcoin buy and sale platform”.“Binance offers its customers […]