Which tech startups are poised to drive growth in 2019?

TechCrunch has listed the hottest startups to watch in 2019, with an emphasis on logistics technology.Read moreThe list includes many of the world’s biggest names, including Uber, Airbnb, and Square, as well as some big names from outside the tech industry, including Dropbox, Uber’s parent company.But it also includes a few new faces: Uber’s Jeff […]

Chinese tech companies are selling more than just phones and tablets to people using bitcoin

A lot of people are buying smartphones and tablets with bitcoin, with Chinese tech giants selling $6 billion worth of the digital currency in the first half of the year.That’s more than twice as much as Apple and Google combined, according to research firm IDC.The big takeaway: China’s digital currency is being used as a […]

When the sun shines on Bangladesh, you can still buy things with cash

Google News article Google has updated its India and Pakistan products pages with a message about the benefits of digital currency.Google India, which currently operates in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, said in a statement: “Today we updated the product descriptions for both the products.Digital currencies have been widely used in the digital economy for payments, […]