A group of men in India have posted a video on YouTube in which they sing and dance to a disco song while dancing to the music of a video game titled ‘Super Smash Bros.’. The video was removed from YouTube after complaints from users and the video has since been taken down.

article Microsoft’s Surface laptop was launched with a “Super Smash” logo in March and has since attracted over 200 million users, making it one of the fastest-selling products in Microsoft’s history.The “Super Mario” video is a parody of the popular video game series ‘Super Mario Bros’ and features Mario and Luigi in a Nintendo uniform […]

What will Microsoft do about its voicebox technology?

Microsoft has launched a research and development initiative to help develop voicebox solutions for voice recognition.The voicebox project, announced Monday by Microsoft in a blog post, will work to “develop a voicebox that is as easy to use and powerful as voice recognition technology itself, with features that are accessible to a wide range of […]