When the sun shines on Bangladesh, you can still buy things with cash

Google News article Google has updated its India and Pakistan products pages with a message about the benefits of digital currency.Google India, which currently operates in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, said in a statement: “Today we updated the product descriptions for both the products.Digital currencies have been widely used in the digital economy for payments, […]

How to take care of your data at home and work

It’s a good idea to keep your data safe and secure online.A new service called Palatin aims to help you do just that.Palatin was founded by former PayPal cofounder and cofounder Aaron Levie and former Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg.Palatin is a data-protection company that helps businesses and individuals protect their personal information from hackers.Palino’s mission […]

Why you need to read FourFourtwo’s new app

FourFourTwenty is an app that lets you read more than 500 articles from four different news outlets simultaneously.The news aggregators on its platform are CNN, The Washington Post, Fox News and The Guardian, all in the US.FourFourTwenty aims to be the most read news aggregation app on the market.In a recent article, the company’s founder, […]