Which tech products are going to be the next big things in 2019?

The New York Times is reporting that Apple will make its first new phone since 2012, while Samsung will unveil a new Galaxy S7 smartphone at its New York City event later this month. According to the NYT, Apple is “sitting on a big breakthrough” for the upcoming iPhone, which it is rumored to be working on […]

How you can help fight the spread of Zika in Africa

Posted by The Guardian on Thursday, October 15, 2019 18:02:33The latest Zika virus outbreak in Africa is threatening to derail efforts to contain the virus, with many countries seeing their populations rise.In the Horn of Africa, more than 10 million people have already been infected, with more than 1.2 million of those deaths, the World […]

How Google is giving people in Africa a new way to keep their diabetes at bay

A lot of people in the African diaspora are living with chronic illnesses, and a lot of them are living in poverty.But Google is offering a new service that could change their lives, and that could help bring some peace to the continent.The Verge spoke to a lot about the project and its impact, which […]