‘Unbelievable’: The incredible science of the moon’s moon rock

Science is the only field that can teach us how the Earth got its rocky crust, and how the planet got its icy surface.But when it comes to understanding our own origins, the evidence for Earth’s origins is so strong that it’s easy to forget that we’re the first terrestrial species to walk the planet.And […]

How to detect malware on Android phones and tablets

How to identify malware on your Android phone or tablet?With this simple guide you can detect malware in minutes.1.Search for a word on Google: If you’re not sure how to search for a specific word on google, here’s how: Search for something on google that you want to see the definition of in the top […]

How to use the new Google Glass for research

In the new version of Google Glass, researchers can capture videos and images and upload them to the app, Google Health, to use in research studies, according to Google.Google says the app is designed to be a companion to the Glass app.The new Glass app allows users to: view photos and videos directly from the […]

How to use Google Glass to learn about the world, the internet and other topics

Engadgets title Google Glass is finally here, but it can be used for other things too!article Engads, the world’s leading developer of augmented reality and virtual reality technology, has released the first preview of Google Glass.In a blog post, the company said the software-powered glasses will be compatible with smartphones and tablets, allowing users to […]