Which are the most promising bioinorganic chemical compounds for the next five years?

On Wednesday, the world’s top biotechnology companies agreed to a $20 billion agreement to develop and commercialize three new bioinactive materials.The companies—Biofuel, Bio-Labs, and Synthetic Genomics Technologies—are each looking to develop three new products, all of which will be manufactured using existing materials, the companies announced Wednesday.The Biofuel product is a novel compound called Sulfur […]

Chinese tech companies are selling more than just phones and tablets to people using bitcoin

A lot of people are buying smartphones and tablets with bitcoin, with Chinese tech giants selling $6 billion worth of the digital currency in the first half of the year.That’s more than twice as much as Apple and Google combined, according to research firm IDC.The big takeaway: China’s digital currency is being used as a […]

Why Uber is testing a new autonomous car technology

Uber has been testing an autonomous car prototype in China, but it’s not a self-driving car.In fact, the prototype car is designed to be used by a group of taxi drivers and drivers for hire.It’s part of a larger effort to make taxis safer and more efficient.The company is testing the new autonomous vehicle in […]

How to disable Senmiao from running on Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows 8

Hacker News user kathleen wrote in a thread asking whether Senmium could run on Windows 7 Mobile and Windows 10.The user noted that if it did, it would have to run on all three platforms, but that’s not what happened.“The code doesn’t have the permission to run from Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 7.1 to […]