When it comes to cyborgs, there are still many ‘novelties’

AUSTRALIA’S $300 million Taronis cell phone project is set to be the first in the world to deliver a fully functional cell phone through a human-to-human implant.The new project, which is in its early stages, will be funded by a $300,000 grant from the Australian National University and will begin commercial production in about three […]

How to get your car back after it gets hacked

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Which of the world’s most profitable clover technology firms are worth the most?

clover.com is the leading provider of cloud computing and storage solutions, powered by clover, clover’s enterprise solution and clover cloud.clover is owned by Amazon.com, which also owns cloud.com and other companies in the clover ecosystem.clover technology is a cloud platform and a data store that delivers a consistent, seamless, secure, and private cloud computing experience […]

What will Microsoft do about its voicebox technology?

Microsoft has launched a research and development initiative to help develop voicebox solutions for voice recognition.The voicebox project, announced Monday by Microsoft in a blog post, will work to “develop a voicebox that is as easy to use and powerful as voice recognition technology itself, with features that are accessible to a wide range of […]