Why Google’s Chrome browser is better than Windows 10

Microsoft’s new browser, codenamed “Chrome,” is more secure, easier to use and offers more options than the Windows 10 operating system, according to a study published on Tuesday.Chrome’s security features include a more secure version of the internet’s default web browser, a faster version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and a new built-in browser.The study also […]

When it comes to cyborgs, there are still many ‘novelties’

AUSTRALIA’S $300 million Taronis cell phone project is set to be the first in the world to deliver a fully functional cell phone through a human-to-human implant.The new project, which is in its early stages, will be funded by a $300,000 grant from the Australian National University and will begin commercial production in about three […]

How to use Google Glass to learn about the world, the internet and other topics

Engadgets title Google Glass is finally here, but it can be used for other things too!article Engads, the world’s leading developer of augmented reality and virtual reality technology, has released the first preview of Google Glass.In a blog post, the company said the software-powered glasses will be compatible with smartphones and tablets, allowing users to […]